29 Sep 2015

New abstract painting


Acrylic on canvas - 60cm x 50cm

26 Aug 2015

New work in progress ..... slow job!!

At last I have a painting on the go!  I would have preferred to do it in pastel but the costs of mounting and framing are so high that, without a commission,  I have chosen to work in acrylic on canvas. Quite a long way to go before it is finished!

1 May 2015

Congratulations to My Golden Grand-daughter!

The jewellery judge Kath Libbert wrote:

“What a treat to be introduced to Naomi Nevill’s wonderfully vibrant world of lustrous enamel jewellery all executed with supreme skill.
I love her confident use of colour, the range of ways she makes use of enamelling, for instance her intricate shimmering cloisonné work, the variety of compositions she creates, from the detailed geometric patterns in her Microscopic Series of brooches, which I particularly like and would personally choose to wear, to the organic flow of her Rock Pool neckpiece which shows off her mastery not only of enamelling but of repoussé techniques too. However, her piece de resistance is the awe inspiring Lizard necklace, the detailing is superb, the colours are perfect and the composition works well as a wearable stand out piece.

Naomi is a new young talent with great flair, talent and confidence and I feel sure she will go from strength to strength!”

29 Apr 2015

SOLD and Off to a good home!!


'Go Figure'

An ex-neighbour of mine from the North Island contacted me at the weekend to buy 'Citronella' and has since added 'Go Figure' to her purchase. I am so glad that they are going to someone I know, and I am also very glad that I kept going with 'Go Figure' and got it finished. Posting one off to her tomorrow and the other will follow once I have completed varnishing.

Happy, happy, happy!!