3 Nov 2016

New blog of Poetry and Paintings

October has seen a new beginning for me ..... trying my hand at poetry. Prior to this past week I have only written half a dozen haiku style poems but in the past 8 days I have managed to write several poems in other styles. To celebrate my new passion I have started a new blog where I can post my poetry and 'marry' each piece with one of my paintings as decoration!

I hope that my FFF (faithful few followers) will enjoy and follow this new blog that I have called Light and Dark   ..... hope to see you there!

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Addendum  19 February 2019

Trying out a further Blogger blog in addition to my blog at WordPress:

Light and Dark - words and paintings

Will see which fares the best over time. Please visit x

9 Oct 2016

Letting Go .... a poem

Letting Go

This cold, cold earth
Last resting place
I heard your voice
You kissed my face
Then all was gone
Without a trace
In cold, cold earth

This hard, hard ground
No need for sight
For those who lie
In this dark night
Not to see again
The sun, the light
In hard, hard ground

Yet comes this sound
There is a sigh
Like wind through trees
Or the faintest cry
Of a flock of birds
In a cloudless sky
Yet comes this sound

Away I fly

19 Nov 2015

Re-cycling (old into new yet again!)

Current project is to re-use a painting I am not happy with and turn it into something else. Although I loved the subject of this one (my lovely youngest daughter with her baby son) I just could not get a good likeness of her face and it did not do her justice.

So out with the white gesso and she disappeared (sorry Mel), presenting me with a nice blank canvas. I had added texture prior to attempting the portrait and of course that still remains.

My current idea is to try a semi-abstract of poppies ... recent events, plus a centenary year of  WW1, is effecting my mind-set somewhat!

Whether or not this will turn out how I want is always another matter entirely!

POPPY DAY  (Mixed media on canvas)

16 Nov 2015

A Reversal and a Commendation!

I decided that I liked "Patina" better turned the other way up then entered it into the Otago Art Society Spring Exhibition. I see on their website that I have received a Commendation!! Very satisfying.