3 May 2007

Black canvas 3

Night moves #3 (12" square)

I haven't had a lot of time for painting this week but I have managed to do some more work to another black canvas started a couple of weeks ago. I think it needs some more glazing but I am taking my time and pausing for a lengthy review between layers!

The title may be only temporary although it is night! And as you can see, it is not pure abstraction!

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Abstract Canvas Art said...

Hi, just stumbled across this blog and although the painting isn't exactly abstract it is quite enjoyable. Looking forward to more in the future!

Juan Bielsa said...

SPLENDID, Lesly, simply SPLENDID. That's my opinion. For me, this painting is a very jewel. The colours used are the colours of a marvelous dream. I can tell that I've been impressed when I have seen it for the first time.

And this painting is not "abstract" but it is absolutely contemporary, is not a simple copy of reality, you have created a very beautiful painting from your soul.

Congratulations for this painting, Lesly, "Night moves"; nice title!

Juan Bielsa

Philip said...

I agree with Juan who said it far better than I could! Reminds me of a Joe Cocker song - Night Calls.

leslyf said...

thanks for the visit and comment 'Abstract Canvas Art'!

Juan - it gives me a great deal of pleasure when you say that you like one of my paintings, although I think you are rather lavish with your praise! As usual this painting did not come easily so I feel happily relieved that it 'works' for you.

Philip - Hi! and thanks. I don't know the Joe Cocker song that you mention, but have to tell you that this is all about the sea..... (my repetitive dreams of tsunamis coming out I expect!)

Mary said...

Lesly, this is excellent! I really think it is one of your best abstracts.

leslyf said...

Mary, your comment is so very heartening, thank you.

It's strange that a painting that I have had such a struggle with seems to have some sort of appeal. I am very pleased about that (!), but it just goes to show that I am pretty hopeless about judging my own pieces!

Meredith said...

Have you thought about creating an Imagekind.com gallery? I'm a photographer and I just started selling my work on the site. It's pretty easy to use. I'd love to see your abstractions up there for sale. Email me if you do!

Martha Marshall said...

Wow! I don't know how I missed this post. Beautiful!!

leslyf said...

Martha, I am very glad that you like it! Now I am wondering whether or not to use a gloss finish or a matte one .... any ideas?

Shez said...

Wonderful movement,color and emotion to this. I've been back a few times to view. I think it's my most favoite of yours Lesly.

Think the gremlins are at it again, I posted here a few days ago, and it didn't show up.

leslyf said...

Thank you, Shez ... your previous message must have got lost in the 'ether'! Appreciate your comments very much indeed.