3 Jul 2008

Oil pastel on canvas?

Last week I was browsing through some art books and found (and bought) this very interesting one:

Title: The PASTEL BOOK - Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist
Author: Bill Creevy (1991)
Publishing details: Watson-Guptill Publications, New York ISBN 0-8230-3905-6

As you might expect from the title the book covers every aspect of using pastels and not only covers soft pastels, hard pastels and pastel pencils but also oil pastels and oil sticks. The author describes a number of different makes of pastel and various pastel supports, as well as discussing techniques and giving pictorial demonstrations. Although the author's style of painting is quite different to my own, I can thoroughly recommend the book to anyone interested in learning about pastels and also to those interested in seeing how pastels might be incorporated into mixed media work.

In fact, the reasons I was drawn to the book were the exciting sections on pastels with mixed media, in particular the sections on using Soft Pastels with Acrylic Gels or Modelling Paste, Oil Pastels with Acrylic Medium, and making Pastel Monotypes.

Since buying the book I have had a brief try with Acrylic Medium over Soft Pastel but admittedly without much success ... so I feel that this may take a while to conquer! But I did manage to produce the following in Oil Pastel plus Acrylic Medium:

Night moves IV (12" x 12")

The painting is on canvas primed with terracotta color pastel primer. The oil pastels were applied in layers and each layer 'sealed' with Atelier acrylic satin gloss medium. When finished a further two coats of medium were applied. The surface seems to be non-tacky and stable, but time will tell, no doubt!


Casey Klahn said...

Very nice, Lesly! Atmospheric and relaxing, too.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I like the way you handled this piece.

Dijea said...

I love this painting. Its very peaceful.

Jo Castillo said...

Lesly, this is great. Bill Creevy is great. I saw him at a pastel convention and used his soft pastel with PVA on canvas. It is lots of fun. He said to try any combination and have fun with painting. He was a great instructor.

Sandra T said...

This is so interesting! I took canvas and acrylic medium to lifedrawing group and sealed as I went. It created an underpainting and now at home I'm going over with more pastel and will seal again. I've done it before, black isn't veyr helpful, so this time I'm not using it at all. Not sure what I'll continue with. Have just tried out oil pastel over acrylic and tried out liquin as a seal, hadn't thought of acrylic medium over oil pastel so thank yo for the idea. I'll have a try. I really like your painting above of the buildings, beautiful.

Metal Wall Art said...

Pastel, for many artists who love to draw, is painting at its finest. There's no water to worry about, no special brushes, no messy clean-up.