4 May 2011

Drawing from Life!

I am really looking forward to Saturday ..... as I will be attending a life-drawing class in Oamaru (about one hours drive from here). It is quite a while since I had the opportunity to attend such a session.

Life-drawing was the very first formal art class I ever attended. This was at the tender age of 15 when, after school was over for the day each Friday, I went to my friends house for tea and we then took the bus to the local School of Art in Folkestone, Kent, UK.

Tea was always the same .... poached mushroom stalks on toast of all things. I loved them!

Tea may not have differed but the life models certainly did ... a variety of shapes and sizes, both men and women. As I recall they were mostly what one might describe as 'mature', with lots of wrinkles and bulges! It was certainly challenging but we learnt a great deal, and it was the start of my life long interest in drawing people.

I hate to think how many years ago that was!!!!

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Cassiopeia said...

I'm looking forward to your comments after Oamaru.