3 Oct 2013

Fresh off my easel ....

It is not often that I complete a painting in one day .... in fact I cannot remember the last time I did so. But yesterday I told myself that I really must try and get out of the impasse I have been in recently and DO something!

I have always loved working on dark grounds, especially black paper or black canvas. Having tried soft pastel on paper and oil pastel on canvas, this time I decided to experiment with a DRAWING in watercolour pencil on canvas.

This worked quite well but of course the worry is how to 'fix' it without destroying it by making the colours run. So I tried spraying matte acrylic varnish over it with a small bottle-sprayer and this seems to have dried without smearing ... however, at least one more coat will be needed if the drawing is to be fully protected.

So fingers crossed!


(30cm x 30cm,  watercolour pencil on canvas)


Jo Castillo said...

Lesly, this is sweet and gorgeous.

Lesly Finn said...

In the end I completed it with some oil pastel and varnished it again.

Dinah Anaya said...

Thank you for sharing. Good expression on the subject! I appreciate your view on the varnish; It helps me know what to do as well.