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26 Aug 2015

New work in progress ..... slow job!!

At last I have a painting on the go!  I would have preferred to do it in pastel but the costs of mounting and framing are so high that, without a commission,  I have chosen to work in acrylic on canvas. Quite a long way to go before it is finished!

3 Oct 2013

Fresh off my easel ....

It is not often that I complete a painting in one day .... in fact I cannot remember the last time I did so. But yesterday I told myself that I really must try and get out of the impasse I have been in recently and DO something!

I have always loved working on dark grounds, especially black paper or black canvas. Having tried soft pastel on paper and oil pastel on canvas, this time I decided to experiment with a DRAWING in watercolour pencil on canvas.

This worked quite well but of course the worry is how to 'fix' it without destroying it by making the colours run. So I tried spraying matte acrylic varnish over it with a small bottle-sprayer and this seems to have dried without smearing ... however, at least one more coat will be needed if the drawing is to be fully protected.

So fingers crossed!


(30cm x 30cm,  watercolour pencil on canvas)

3 May 2013

Old into new ... finished except for varnish

Acrylic portrait on crinkled tissue paper on canvas. Image source - my own photograph shown below.

11 Nov 2012

Sold at the Fayre!

This week the biennial exhibition of the East Otago Art and Crafts group in being held at East Otago Events Centre, Waikouaiti, and yesterday a couple took a liking to "Song from the South" and bought it! How lovely it is to have someone like your work enough to part with their hard-earned cash!! 

"Song from the South" (pastel)

25 Sep 2012

Rejection, dejection!

Oh dear! Just heard today that ALL THREE of my entries to this year's Spring Exhibition at the Anderson Park Gallery, Invercargill have been rejected.

Although the official wording says "not accepted" I know what it means all right.... and it means Rejected as far as I am concerned. 

No matter how you look at it having ones paintings thrown out en masse is rather a blow. Especially for a rather prestigious exhibition. Knowing that such things depend upon the personal preferences of the judges/selectors, and that non-acceptance is not necessarily an indication that ones work is no good, is not much comfort when the fact remains that, for whatever reason, ones work did not appeal.

It makes me feel childishly peeved actually!!! (Sad to admit, but true!)

Oh well .... onwards and upwards. And what idiot was it who said that, I wonder?

16 Sep 2012

SPEED on a Sunday Afternoon!

Today, having finished some "office stuff " on the computer, I settled down to some serious Sunday afternoon escapism ..... videos of other artists at work!! As people and faces are my most favourite things to paint I was drawn to tasting the delights of some very SPEEDY painters at work ....

Agnes Cecile - painting 'One in a thousand'

Voka - painting 'Marilyn Monroe'

Takeshi Sato - painting 'Live Paint Act - Dancer'

Just loved watching them!! Hope you will too.

30 May 2012

Freddie - a kind of magic!

Otago Art Society is calling for entries into a Members Exhibition with the subject 'portraits'. Entries must be in by 4th June. I thought it might be fun to do a portrait of someone famous and settled on Freddie Mercury, one of my all-time favourites! I didn't leave myself much time so its on quite a small canvas .... but I think its just about finished except for a few tiny touches and some varnish.

'Freddie - a kind of magic'

Acrylic on canvas (12" x 12")

22 Apr 2012

April ..... almost cooked!

All done except for a few tiny tweaks!

Song from the South (soft pastel)

21 Apr 2012

8 Dec 2005


'Persuasion' (Pastel) SOLD

'Chasing Waves' (Pastel) SOLD

'Sunshine girls No.3' Pastel SOLD

'Sea Breeze' Pastel SOLD

'Beachcombers II ' (Pastel) SOLD

'Beachcombers I ' (Acrylic on canvas) SOLD

'Beachcombers I' won the Lula Currie Award 2004 (voted best painting by artist members), 12th Annual Exhibition, Otago Art Society, Dunedin.

'Splash' (Acrylic on canvas) SOLD

'Barefoot on the beach' (Pastel) SOLD

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