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3 May 2013

Old into new ... finished except for varnish

Acrylic portrait on crinkled tissue paper on canvas. Image source - my own photograph shown below.

16 Sep 2012

SPEED on a Sunday Afternoon!

Today, having finished some "office stuff " on the computer, I settled down to some serious Sunday afternoon escapism ..... videos of other artists at work!! As people and faces are my most favourite things to paint I was drawn to tasting the delights of some very SPEEDY painters at work ....

Agnes Cecile - painting 'One in a thousand'

Voka - painting 'Marilyn Monroe'

Takeshi Sato - painting 'Live Paint Act - Dancer'

Just loved watching them!! Hope you will too.

30 May 2012

Freddie - a kind of magic!

Otago Art Society is calling for entries into a Members Exhibition with the subject 'portraits'. Entries must be in by 4th June. I thought it might be fun to do a portrait of someone famous and settled on Freddie Mercury, one of my all-time favourites! I didn't leave myself much time so its on quite a small canvas .... but I think its just about finished except for a few tiny touches and some varnish.

'Freddie - a kind of magic'

Acrylic on canvas (12" x 12")

8 Dec 2005


'Girl with a silver earring' Pastel 9" x 12" (framed)

'Waiting' Oil Pastel 18" x 10", (framed)

'Almost Grown' Pastel 13" x 9", (framed)

'Lace' Pastel 14" x 17", (framed)

'Shine' Pastel 16" x 10", not for sale

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