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19 Nov 2015

Re-cycling (old into new yet again!)

Current project is to re-use a painting I am not happy with and turn it into something else. Although I loved the subject of this one (my lovely youngest daughter with her baby son) I just could not get a good likeness of her face and it did not do her justice.

So out with the white gesso and she disappeared (sorry Mel), presenting me with a nice blank canvas. I had added texture prior to attempting the portrait and of course that still remains.

My current idea is to try a semi-abstract of poppies ... recent events, plus a centenary year of  WW1, is effecting my mind-set somewhat!

Whether or not this will turn out how I want is always another matter entirely!

POPPY DAY  (Mixed media on canvas)

16 Nov 2015

A Reversal and a Commendation!

I decided that I liked "Patina" better turned the other way up then entered it into the Otago Art Society Spring Exhibition. I see on their website that I have received a Commendation!! Very satisfying.

29 Sep 2015

New abstract painting


Acrylic on canvas - 60cm x 50cm

26 Aug 2015

New work in progress ..... slow job!!

At last I have a painting on the go!  I would have preferred to do it in pastel but the costs of mounting and framing are so high that, without a commission,  I have chosen to work in acrylic on canvas. Quite a long way to go before it is finished!

29 Apr 2015

SOLD and Off to a good home!!


'Go Figure'

An ex-neighbour of mine from the North Island contacted me at the weekend to buy 'Citronella' and has since added 'Go Figure' to her purchase. I am so glad that they are going to someone I know, and I am also very glad that I kept going with 'Go Figure' and got it finished. Posting one off to her tomorrow and the other will follow once I have completed varnishing.

Happy, happy, happy!!

28 Apr 2015

On my easel ......... for ages!!

'Go figure'  
(Acrylic on wrapped canvas)

Well, I've at least I'm painting again, although this painting has been on my easel for weeks (if not months).  It is one of those where the initial work was fun and exciting but then ......... MIND BLOCK!  However, I have played around until now I feel that is is just about finished. And to be frank I am rather sick and tired of it!!!

P.S.  'Go figure' is now sold !!!

21 Aug 2014

New abstract .... and about time!

On my easel .... been there for so long waiting to be finished that a spider had taken up residence!  But I think it is just about done .....

14 Jul 2013

New abstract acrylic!

(acrylic on canvas, 38 x 77 cm)

11 Jul 2013

It is so nice to sell a painting ..........

'Reef'  (Acrylic on canvas, 36cms x 46cms)

Yesterday I was thrilled when someone from our village stated her interest in one of my paintings, and we were able to negotiate a price that suited us both. It is a painting that I have always felt immense satisfaction with, although it has never attracted a buyer before whenever it has been shown publicly! It was painted 7 years ago. I delivered it to its new home today ........... but not without a pang!

3 May 2013

Old into new ... finished except for varnish

Acrylic portrait on crinkled tissue paper on canvas. Image source - my own photograph shown below.

27 Mar 2013

Old into new --- Take 3, Roughly Sketched In

Old into new ..... take 2

A coat of white gesso rollered over the whole painting gives a nice surface to work on, bumps and all!  

Detail from above showing texture

New from old Experiment .... Phase One

Don't know about you but I sometimes get to a point with a painting when I really don't like it at whatever stage its reached at the time, and I know deep down that I am never EVER going to like it whatever I do! 

Well I got to that stage recently with an acrylic of mine and today I decided to let it "morph" into something else. Of course, it is not going to do anything without a little help from me so this morning I got it started on its journey to find it's different self.

First step is done ............ a coating of binder medium, followed by a lovely squishy session of pressing crumpled tissue paper on to the wet surface. Once it is all nicely dry the next job will be to apply a base coat. Don't know yet what that will be ....... paint, gesso or a mix of the two. Will have a think.

12 Jan 2013

Change of mind!

After a lot more thought I have been continuing to work on this latest abstract. This time I am really pleased with the result, and I'm happier with the new title too.


(acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 inches)

9 Dec 2012

Still on my easel!

and still working on it ..... will it ever come right?

5 Dec 2012

On my easel .............

New acrylic on 36" x 24" canvas, begun today ......................