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19 Jan 2008

this and that ......

Thought it high time that I started up my blog posts again .... I know I've been very remiss about it for the past few weeks!

Two little bits of news to start off the year ........ firstly there is this great new RESOURCE online from Creative Spotlite: - the ART INSTRUCTION BLOG which has masses of links to all sorts of useful information on different media, art instruction and demonstrations, art books, forums, etc. GO TAKE A LOOK!

And second, my entry for the City of Dunedin Awards Exhibition, held before Christmas, sold on the last weekend.

6 Dec 2007

... going for a song

Sunshine in a Pot

The dinner and auction in aid of the Oamaru Opera House Restoration Fund took place last Friday and was reportedly very well attended. My painting did not quite achieve the price I had hoped for but it was not too far off. The fund and I share the proceeds 50-50, a win-win situation!

18 Nov 2007

Wading through glue .....

I hate to have to admit it but I am completely blocked at the moment .... not even the teeniest speck of inspiration on the horizon, no enthusiasm, nothing. When I try to organise myself to start something new my ideas just seems hackneyed or derivative. I feel that I am wading through glue!

What a state to get into! All I can do is ride it out and hope that sooner or later I will be inspired and feel like picking up my paintbrush or pencils once again.

However, it's not all gloom 'cos I had some good news today .... my entry for the Dunedin International Art Awards, Nude II, was selected and has sold. So my thanks to that someone somewhere who wanted to own it, - always a lovely feeling when someone buys a piece.

14 Nov 2007

I've something showing here and there!

2007 City of Dunedin Art Awards Exhibition
Otago Art Society
The Art Station

November 11 - December 2

2007 Locations Art Awards
Queenstown Art Society
Cnr Ballarat & Stanley Streets

November 17 - December 2
10am - 4 pm daily

Renaissance Pre-Auction Exhibition
(in aid of the Oamaru Opera House Restoration Project)

The Forrester Gallery
9 Thames Street


November 9 - November 30
10.30 am - 4.30 pm daily

7 Oct 2007

Art, Artists and Galleries

I have just been introduced to a great blog written by Texas artist Todd Camplin called Art, Artists and Galleries. Todd writes about his own art plus all sorts of other interesting things art related, and is well worth a visit (or several, in fact)! He creates paintings from names and words .... many of which are truly amazing pieces. Todd is also past editor of Soujourn - a journal of the arts, also worth checking out .....

Pastel and Paint

Billy Mac over at Critique My Blog has written a few kind words about my blog. If you've never visited this site then you are missing a great source for all kinds of blogs, plus Billy Mac's comments on them!

6 Oct 2007

New York, New York!

The winners of the New York, New York 2007 art awards at have just been announced. Entries from the 50 finalists can be viewed, together with those of the four winners, HERE. These include abstract and contemporary paintings, photography and installation art. I can't pretend that I understand, or can even fully appreciate, all of the pieces but I like the work of Masha Ryskin, John Westmark and Jessica Snow very much. Overall the show leaves me with the feeling that I come from another planet, and a rather boring one at that!

29 Aug 2007

selling affordable art!

2007 has been a lean old year for sales so far but I was very excited and pleased to hear that one of my paintings has sold on AFFORDABLE ART . It is not the money involved that pleases so much as the knowledge that someone has liked one of my paintings enough to want to own it!

Beginnings (Acrylic on canvas)

AFFORDABLE ART is an online gallery based locally which promotes work by New Zealand artists, and I have been showing there for about a year .... I am told that sales have picked up there recently, which is encouraging as art sales have been depressed in this part of the country for some time now.

It is certainly a wee bit daunting when I study my sales records since starting to paint in 2000 (with the exception of 2007 all the following sales occurred in local and national exhibitions, together with a small local gallery):

2000 sales = 1
2001 sales = 4
2002 sales = 5
2003 sales = 3
2004 sales = 12
2005 sales = 7
2006 sales = 4
2007 sales = 1 (so far!)

The figures show that 2004 was certainly a very good year for me, but I can learn little from my records about which paintings had most public appeal. The subject matter included portrait, landscape, figure paintings, abstract, floral ...... go figure~!

Good job that I live to paint and not the other way round, I'd starve else!

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16 Jul 2007

A Rewarding Friday 13th!

On Friday evening we attended the opening bash for the 13th Biennial Oamaru Licensing Trust Art Awards 2007. These awards have three categories: Open Art Awards, China Painting Awards (both of which are open to any artist resident in the South Island) and Local Art Awards (open only to artists from North Otago). This year 84 paintings were selected by the jury from well over 100 entries and the standard of work is high overall. The evening was attended by artists, invited members of the public and local dignitaries, and was a very jolly affair with more than enough wine and nibbles to go round!

Final judging had been undertaken by invited Auckland artist,
Ben Ho and, although I was not one of the main winners, I was delighted to receive a Merit award for my painting "Past Performance"!

13th Biennial Oamaru Licensing Trust Art Awards Exhibition
14 July - 12 August 2007
Forrester Gallery, Oamaru
Open Daily 10.30 - 4.30

20 Jun 2007

Look inside the artist's studio ......

Ralph Serpe at Creative Spotlite has just published an e-book called "Inside the Artist's Studio" .... the book comprises painting demonstrations by five artists, and includes one of mine (!). It comes downloadable in ".pdf " format and it is FREE.

You can get your copy here!

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22 May 2007

Please DO talk about me when I'm gone ....

I am going to be otherwise engaged for a spell, so have decided to take a complete break from the tyranny of blogging for a little while. I hope that you will still browse the site in my absence .... previous posts, art demonstrations, etc, ... and follow the links!

I hope to return with batteries re-charged and firing on all cylinders! In the meantime I'll just leave you to ponder the following (quoted by Alyson B. Stanfield in her latest Art Biz Blog Newsletter):

"You only have control over three things in your life--the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take (your behavior). How you use these three things determines everything you experience. If you don't like what you are producing and experiencing, you have to change your responses. Change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Change what you daydream about. Change your habits. Change what you read. Change your friends. Change how you talk."

Jack Canfield, 'The Success Principles'.

N. B. I will still be accessing my e-mails so you could drop me a line ..... I'd like that!

5 May 2007

an experience at Art XP .....

A comment was left on my last post by ArtXP (Art Experience). This site offers an extensive on-line gallery of quality giclee prints and is well worth a visit to browse the art. The paintings can be searched by Subject or Painter, and links are simple and quick to follow. There's some interesting work to be found there!

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18 Apr 2007

worse than pulling teeth!

More in the saga of approaching galleries .....

About 4 weeks ago I went on a reconnaisance mission around three more galleries in our nearest city and approached the owner of the one I particularly liked. I asked what her policy was with regard to applications from artists and was advised that she preferred to see the actual work rather than photographs and she invited me to bring something in. Well, yesterday was The Day.

I had a dentist visit to endure first .... the shaping of a cracked tooth and fitting a temporary crown - a mere 1.25 hours in the chair, but then had nearly an hour to spare while John had his teeth seen to. So I duly toddled along to said gallery with the following canvases (chosen because they are are representative of my two new series and also because they are small and easy to carry!)

To my dismay I found that my (charming) gallery owner had gone on maternity leave only the day before (and I hadn't noticed any little bump, either ... and that's not like me!). But the presiding lady-in-charge-in-her-absence seemed equally charming and agreed to take a look at my offerings. So after a wait of about 20 minutes (while she finished writing an e-mail) duly did so.

She said that she did not really take to the three paintings from my 'On Reflection' series but did say that she quite liked 'Night Moves #2' (bottom right) as it had 'structure'. She then went on to say how HARD it is to paint in the abstract (I entirely agree with her) and advised that I STUDY the works and process of famous artists ..... that I should LOOK, READ and LEARN.

I am not sure why she should presume that I don't spend any time doing this already but
obviously my paintings lack some vital something that other painters manage to achieve ..... I have to wonder if I will ever find out what it is?

And should I ever have to make a choice between approaching galleries with my work and pulling my own teeth ........... just bring me the pliers!

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6 Apr 2007

Artist, Emerging: Rejection Letters, Demystified...

Deanna Wood has another great post on gallery rejection letters, with some interesting comments being added from readers. Deanna first wrote about rejection letters earlier this year, to which I linked with my own experiences here and further here. After reading this latest posting I can see that the responses I received were at least meant to be constructive ... even if the underling message was "we don't like your work"! They could so easily have written nothing, or just ignored my portfolio altogether. Anyway, if this side of being an artist is of interest to you then scoot on over and see what's being said ........! Fascinating stuff.

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... taking a break

Something great to look forward to in a couple of weeks ..... a weekend workshop in Life Drawing. I am very excited about this as it is around 5 years since I attempted any. The human figure has always been one of my favourite subjects although opportunities to work with a live nude model have been few and far between. Meanwhile I am working (but oh so slowly!) on a couple more small black canvases.

But there won't be much artwork done over the next few days (for obvious reasons) ..... and I would like to take this opportunities to wish all my visitors a very relaxed and happy Easter weekend.

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31 Mar 2007

the child within ....

Subscribers to Robert Genn's weekly Newsletter from Painters Keys will know that the latest concerns Child Art. Reading it gave me some food for thought about my recent battles with letting go the notion of 'literal representation' in my art. Robert writes about the Austrian artist and researcher Franz Cizek:

"He founded what became known as the Child Art Movement that promoted children's art as sacred. To Cizek it was important to cultivate and protect the early years of childhood from the destructive influences of adult art so that the innate originality and imaginations of children might not be tainted. Cizek was particularly hostile to colouring books. He cautioned against the "adult fallacy," which is the tendency to judge children's artwork by grown-up standards. Adults, who viewed the drawings of young children as mistakes with "wrong" proportions and "errors" of perspective, did not realize the children were drawing what they knew rather than what they saw. Remarkably, this mind-based imaging brings children's art parallel to some modern conceptual art where matching an object is not a necessity."

One of the most vivid memories from my early childhood is my wish to be always drawing and how upset I would feel the many times my mother took the pencil from my hand to 'show me how it should be done'. The feeling that I must 'get it right' became an obsession very early, I think! I am wondering now if I was ever guilty of being a 'destructive influence' with my own children ..... ? At least I can be certain that I haven't with my grandchildren who are also keen little artists. Thank goodness!

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29 Mar 2007

charity art auctions

This past financial year has been a bit short on art sales for me and paintings have 'hung around' at various locations including my studio. However, I have twice accepted approaches from organisations to contribute paintings to their fund-raising art auctions. Both were what I consider worthwhile causes and both offered the artist a 50/50 split of the price achieved.

Reading around the subject not everyone seems to approve of auctioning art for charity, but for those who might be interested Art Business has a couple of worthwhile articles, one giving Tips for Contributing Artists and another outlining some of the pitfalls. Artist and Gallery owner, Paul Dorrell, has also written on the subject at Absolute Arts , and some relevant comments from contributors follow his article.

The first auction earlier this year was a fund-raising event towards renovations of the Oamaru Opera House, a grand old nineteenth century building sadly in need of much repair and refurbishment. I donated a large pastel painting, 'A little sea music' and was extremely pleased with the sale price achieved.

Then this month I donated an acrylic on canvas to an annual event raising money for a local sports club. The Port Chalmers Rowing Club trains rowers of all ages, regularly producing those of national standard, and has to meet many of its expenses through grants and donations. Their Art Auction has been running for four years and is a popular local event, and is well supported by a number of known artists from this area. My painting 'Chasing Waves #2' sold for a good price.

Chasing waves #2 (Acrylic on canvas, 2006)

In fact both paintings achieved more than their original asking price and, even though I received just half of the money, I am very much better off ..... more space at home, some of my expenses for the year re-couped, plus a bit of art-related publicity. The charities have also benefitted, and people had fun at the auctions - so everyone is happy!

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28 Mar 2007

the art of photography?

Someone left the following comment on Art Blogs 4 U today ....

"I'm curious why do you not accept blogs from artists who are photographers?"

And I have just posted the following reply ...

"Daniel - my choice not to include photographers is largely personal. I am a painter and I set up this blog for the benefit of other painters, and I also choose to include those who work with fabric and mixed media to create two-dimensional art.

Photography does not lie within my sphere of interest and, to my mind, is a completely different form of expression. In fact, so different as to beg the question.

Others may not agree with me but that is OK!"

I actually found it quite difficult to compose a quick reply as the question is not something I have consciously considered before. I guess that for me at least, it goes back to that thorny old question "What is Art?" and that I instinctively feel that photography does not 'fit' into my definition. But the more I think about it the more difficult it is to put into words exactly why I feel this way!

I would be interested to hear what other people think ......

18 Mar 2007

Who knows about household acrylic paint?

Have just been moved to write this following on from a little discussion in comments on my post about black canvases. I've heard here and there that some artists have used, or are using, household acrylic emulsion paints for their works. Particularly those who do very large paintings. In the past I have used small test pots from the DIY to colour canvases or supports, but not for the actual images. There are several things that bother me a little about working with household paint and I wonder if others would like to offer their opinion????

1. Everywhere I read advice for artists to use archival quality art materials if they possibly can, so how does emulsion paint stand up for longevity and durability v. artist acrylic?

2. Do household paints mix together or must one have a separate pot for each shade of colour one wants to use?

3. There would obviously be a saving in cost, particularly for larger works, but would this be at the expense of quality of appearance in any way?

I am not currently thinking of trying household emulsion out for myself but would be interested to know of other people's experience or opinions of it. Hoping to hear from you soon!

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13 Mar 2007

Stretched Black Canvases

... just a little postscript to my previous post about finding some black canvases. I am currently playing around with some preliminary sketches before starting on the first one, but I thought that I would try to find out how readily available black canvases are. The answer ..... NOT VERY.

As I said in the original post I have never seen ready stretched black canvases before. I usually buy at Warehouse Stationery (a NZ version of 'the Red Shed') and the guy on the check-out was as surprised as I was when he saw them.

I tried several different searches on the Internet and only came up with one stockist worldwide ... Piccadilly Books - an online store based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Canvases seem to be the only art materials that they stock, and their prices are very good. They offer the DAS brand - all three standards and in many sizes, but mostly white ones. The only black ones they carry are 10" x 10" and 12" x 12".

If anyone else tracks down a supplier of black canvases in larger sizes please let me know ......

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