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29 May 2013

Artists who inspire ....... Nicholas Simmons

If I have written about artist Nicholas Simmons before then I am NOT going to apologise ...... for the simple reason that he is someone I admire very much and whose work just lifts my spirits!

If you have never seen any his paintings then you have missed a treat and I urge you to take time to view them on his website.

To get a feel of who he is, his ideas about painting and his techniques with water media (watercolour and acrylics) then watch one of his short videos to you a taste!

I am not a watercolourist myself but I do use acrylics, and tend to apply them in a watercolour-like way (thin and transparent).  I also need to 'let go' and not be afraid of experimentation, so maybe that is why I admire Nicholas' paintings so much!

16 Sep 2012

SPEED on a Sunday Afternoon!

Today, having finished some "office stuff " on the computer, I settled down to some serious Sunday afternoon escapism ..... videos of other artists at work!! As people and faces are my most favourite things to paint I was drawn to tasting the delights of some very SPEEDY painters at work ....

Agnes Cecile - painting 'One in a thousand'

Voka - painting 'Marilyn Monroe'

Takeshi Sato - painting 'Live Paint Act - Dancer'

Just loved watching them!! Hope you will too.

3 Oct 2011

Moments of abstraction ..... just love these two abstract artists!

I keep finding myself wishing that I could paint in a freer, less literal way, and I know that I have written about this before!  But it is well over a year since I tried painting some 12" x 12" abstracts on canvas and probably even longer since my other attempts at abstraction.


But today I found myself idling away the time whilst the 'floor man' re-laid our kitchen flooring (which had come unstuck! ......... but that is another story), so I began searching the web for  information on abstract painters and paintings. Of course, there are thousands of articles and videos to choose from but following two artists just seemed to take my breath away!!!

Zaman Jassim is a Saudi-Arabian artist and photographer who can be seen in the following video creating an art work. He is just amazing! The finished painting titled 'Memory of Places' can be seen here.

Artist Zaman Jassim - creating 'Memory of Places' (You Tube video)

And Isabelle Zacher-Finet is another fine artist who is enthralling to watch at work. I defy anyone not to be impressed!

Isabelle Zacher-Finet creates 'Melodioso II' (You Tube video)

Wonderful stuff!!