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1 May 2015

Congratulations to My Golden Grand-daughter!

The jewellery judge Kath Libbert wrote:

“What a treat to be introduced to Naomi Nevill’s wonderfully vibrant world of lustrous enamel jewellery all executed with supreme skill.
I love her confident use of colour, the range of ways she makes use of enamelling, for instance her intricate shimmering cloisonné work, the variety of compositions she creates, from the detailed geometric patterns in her Microscopic Series of brooches, which I particularly like and would personally choose to wear, to the organic flow of her Rock Pool neckpiece which shows off her mastery not only of enamelling but of repoussé techniques too. However, her piece de resistance is the awe inspiring Lizard necklace, the detailing is superb, the colours are perfect and the composition works well as a wearable stand out piece.

Naomi is a new young talent with great flair, talent and confidence and I feel sure she will go from strength to strength!”

4 Apr 2015

Naomi Nevill - following in her g-g-g-grandfathers' footsteps?

Here is my talented grand-daughter Naomi Nevill's website where you can see some of her jewelry and design processes. Interestingly, two of her maternal great-great-great-grandfathers were goldsmiths/jewelry makers in London in 1800's - their names were Herbert Sparks and Jean Adolphus Leeuw, each having their own business/workshop.
At 23 Naomi is already an award winner! Last year she won a Commended Junior Award in the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Awards 2014. This year she is one of six finalists in the Jewellery & Precious Metal section of the Craft & Design Selected Awards 2015. Each section's finalists have been selected by Public vote but must now wait for the judges' decisions as to final placing.
WELL DONE done, Naomi! ..... we are all SO PROUD of you xxx heart emoticon
Please visit her website and take a look at her work and designs ........

31 Aug 2008


Our lovely daughter Melanie (seen here on a visit to Budapest) will be running a half-marathon in UK in aid of the Marie Curie Foundation on 12th October 2008. This is the first time that she has ever done a distance run and she is doing it to help in the fight against cancer.

Please take a look at her web-page HERE! ... and perhaps even make a small donation to help her towards her goal of raising one thousand pounds.

Thank you.

28 Oct 2007

a wedding in the family!

A big surprise and much excitement for the past couple of weeks .... my eldest daughter in the UK and her partner decided to get married after being together for over 18 years! They had a very quiet wedding with just my son to give the bride away, their 16 year old daughter as bridesmaid and two good friends as witnesses.

We managed to keep in touch frequently via email, telephone and text messages through the pre-nuptials and the BIG DAY itself ...... which made the fact that we could not be there in person a bit more bearable.

And as you can see she looked beautiful, and very happy!

18 Sep 2007

Update on a Bright Spark!

You may remember my post about the 'artistic gene' running through the maternal side of my family - the SPARKS? Well, my grand-daughter in UK has just sent me these photos of some of her latest work. I think you'll agree that she has made great progress in the past year .....

Her name is Naomi and she will be 16 years old next month. Naturally, I am very, very proud of her!

28 Feb 2007

bewitched ..............

Its been a day of uppers and downers so far .... had a disappointment this morning with regard to my other blog, Art Blogs 4 U - a real Downer. People are not always as they seem yet I am always disappointed when I find this out! Maybe it will come right.

At least I have managed to get another painting started .... an Upper! There has been so much going on around here lately that it has given me plenty of excuse to avoid my easel. I must stop finding excuses and make more of an effort.

But the day is mild and sunny (an Upper) and later I got some great news on my mobile from my youngest daughter in UK - saying that she has got the job she was after (that is a really big Upper!).

Congratulations on the new job, Melanie!

This is lovely news and I hope that the new position will prove an interesting and satisfying career move. As you can see she is a bright and beautiful girl .... although, like her mother and her sisters, she can sometimes be a bit of a witch .........

and I do so miss her..... my baby.

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