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19 Nov 2015

Re-cycling (old into new yet again!)

Current project is to re-use a painting I am not happy with and turn it into something else. Although I loved the subject of this one (my lovely youngest daughter with her baby son) I just could not get a good likeness of her face and it did not do her justice.

So out with the white gesso and she disappeared (sorry Mel), presenting me with a nice blank canvas. I had added texture prior to attempting the portrait and of course that still remains.

My current idea is to try a semi-abstract of poppies ... recent events, plus a centenary year of  WW1, is effecting my mind-set somewhat!

Whether or not this will turn out how I want is always another matter entirely!

POPPY DAY  (Mixed media on canvas)

3 May 2013

Old into new ... finished except for varnish

Acrylic portrait on crinkled tissue paper on canvas. Image source - my own photograph shown below.

22 Apr 2012

April ..... almost cooked!

All done except for a few tiny tweaks!

Song from the South (soft pastel)

21 Apr 2012

19 Apr 2012

April ... starting something else

I've got to get a painting finished and possibly framed for entry into Hope & Sons Annual Art Awards. Entry form has already gone in and paintings must be delivered no later than the weekend of 28th/29th April. Having aborted my large acrylic yesterday I'll have to really get a move on to complete something in time!!!

I've decided to fall back on a subject that I love doing ....... a figure on the beach. Having put the acrylic paints away I've hauled out my soft pastels once again. Hopefully I can put my head down to finish this and sort a frame out in time for D-Day.

Somehow I don't think abstraction is on the menu for me at the moment!!!