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3 Nov 2016

New blog of Poetry and Paintings

October has seen a new beginning for me ..... trying my hand at poetry. Prior to this past week I have only written half a dozen haiku style poems but in the past 8 days I have managed to write several poems in other styles. To celebrate my new passion I have started a new blog where I can post my poetry and 'marry' each piece with one of my paintings as decoration!

I hope that my FFF (faithful few followers) will enjoy and follow this new blog that I have called Light and Dark   ..... hope to see you there!

24 Oct 2016

A new poem

The way things are

There comes a time
This much I know
When a mind feels like resting
And I ain't suggesting
That this is wrong
- just my way of protesting
The way things are

Things don't last long
This much I know
And my mind keeps on saying
Stop your crying and praying
Don't make no sound
- just my way of delaying
The way things are

There is a way
This much I know
Be it standing and staring
Be it doing and daring
You'll take my hand
- you'll be smiling and sharing
The way things are

9 Oct 2016

Letting Go .... a poem

Letting Go

This cold, cold earth
Last resting place
I heard your voice
You kissed my face
Then all was gone
Without a trace
In cold, cold earth

This hard, hard ground
No need for sight
For those who lie
In this dark night
Not to see again
The sun, the light
In hard, hard ground

Yet comes this sound
There is a sigh
Like wind through trees
Or the faintest cry
Of a flock of birds
In a cloudless sky
Yet comes this sound

Away I fly

4 Apr 2015

Pastel, Paint or Poetry?

As nothing seems to be happening on the pastel or paint front these days, perhaps a try at poetry might be a partial answer to this current lack of creativity!

Where is she,

the me I used to be?

Fading, shredding, wafting free

in ragged pieces, desperately

spinning, shrinking, hard to see.

Pretending, as things become less clear,

that nothing's wrong,

I am still here?